Applied Ethics in Mental Health CareAn Interdisciplinary Reader

Applied Ethics in Mental Health CareAn Interdisciplinary Reader

Dominic A. Sisti, Arthur L. Caplan, and Hila Rimon-Greenspan

Print publication date: 2014

ISBN: 9780262019682

Publisher: The MIT Press


This book discusses some of the most critical ethical issues in mental health care today, including the moral dimensions of addiction, patient autonomy and compulsory treatment, privacy and confidentiality, and the definition of mental illness itself. Although debates over these issues are ongoing, there are few comprehensive resources for addressing such dilemmas in the practice of psychology, psychiatry, social work, and other behavioral and mental health care professions. This book meets that need, providing foundational background for undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses. Topics include central questions such as evolving views of the morality and pathology of deviant behavior; patient competence and the decision to refuse treatment; recognizing and treating people who have suffered trauma; addiction as illness; the therapist’s responsibility to report dangerousness despite patient confidentiality; and boundaries for the therapist’s interaction with patients.

Table of Contents

2 Moot Questions in Psychiatric Ethics

Ralph B. Little, and Edward A. Strecker

4 Character Virtues in Psychiatric Practice

Jennifer Radden, and John Z. Sadler

13 The Ethics of Addiction

Thomas S. Szasz

14 Myths about the Treatment of Addiction

Charles P. O’Brien, and A. Thomas McLellan

21 The Price of a Gift: An Approach to Receiving Gifts from Patients in Psychiatric Practice

David H. Brendel, James Chu, Jennifer Radden, Howard Leeper, Harrison G. Pope, Jacqueline Samson, Gail Tsimprea, and J. Alexander Bodkin

24 Patient-Targeted Googling: The Ethics of Searching Online for Patient Information

Brian K. Clinton, Benjamin C. Silverman, and David H. Brendel

25 Professional Boundaries in the Era of the Internet

Glen O. Gabbard, Kristin A. Kassaw, and Gonzalo Perez-Garcia