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Self-Interest, Sacrifice, and Climate Change

Self-Interest, Sacrifice, and Climate Change

(Re-)Framing the British Columbia Carbon Tax

(p.187) 9 Self-Interest, Sacrifice, and Climate Change
The Environmental Politics of Sacrifice
Shane Gunster
The MIT Press

The pricing of carbon emissions is considered to be an effective instrument to curb greenhouse gas emissions. This chapter focuses on carbon tax that consists of an additional cost levied on energy purchases. This additional cost is based on the amount of carbon dioxide discharged on consumption and the tax is believed to generate financial incentives for businesses as well as individuals to lower their dependence on carbon-intensive fuels and thus demand energy-efficient technologies and an alternative energy source. British Columbia received the lowest support from its residents for this tax. Furthermore, the chapter analyzes how the carbon tax failed to address the environmental concern of sacrifice.

Keywords:   carbon emissions, carbon tax, energy purchase, British Columbia, sacrifice

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