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Letter from the Director

August 27, 2013

Authored by: Ellen Faran, Director of The MIT Press

The MIT Press is very pleased to launch MIT Press Scholarship Online (MITPSO) in collaboration with Oxford University Press.  We believe MITPSO will be a powerful showcase for our titles.  As an early adopter of an XML-first workflow, we are especially attuned to the discovery benefits of the University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) platform. 

The MIT Press imprint connotes a bold engagement with the world.  We are known for seeking out new ideas, new perspectives, interdisciplinary work, and emerging fields of inquiry.  Our program is uniquely grounded in science and technology yet traditional boundaries play no role in the evolution of our lists.  Our readers have come to expect excellence from our products in a wide range of disciplines and they can count on our commitment to producing rigorous and innovative information products in whatever forms the future may bring. 

We are launching MITPSO with roughly 400 monographs.  Our collection adds quality works in many fields across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.  As mentioned above, one distinction of the MIT Press list is our focus in the sciences and MITPSO will contain subject categories new to UPSO including computer and information science, environmental science, and science, technology & society.  

Even though “MITPSO” is a mouthful, we all believe that MIT Press Scholarship Online will be an excellent addition to the UPSO lineup.

Ellen Faran
Director, the MIT Press