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Like its extraordinary home institution, the MIT Press is young relative to its peers. The Press is old enough to have celebrated a recent milestone, but young enough to still be able to look back with some memory intact at the time when the Institute gave birth to it.

The MIT Press’s books program is the product of collaboration with thousands of remarkable authors in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Within this apparent breadth, the list focuses deeply in about 16 major fields; and it supports the specific needs of readers in those fields for trade books, monographs, textbooks, and reference works, which are published in both print and digital formats. The MIT Press’s program is an unusual one, particularly for an American university press. As a publisher of technical and scientific work, the MIT Press offers a rare, nonprofit alternative to authors and readers of peer reviewed, book-length research. In the humanities, MIT Press books embody design and production values that give unique form to unique arguments. Across the subject areas, The MIT Press tend to be relentlessly forward thinking, looking ahead to a future its publications will help to create.

Known for taking risks on emerging topics and areas, and for supporting the development of new fields of inquiry, MIT Press acquisitions editors cultivate book projects from leading authors and researchers in their fields. At the same time, they seek out the work of younger scholars and first-time authors with innovative ideas and approaches to contribute. A selective review and signing process informs the acquisition of high-impact work that can be published for a global audience of professionals, scholars, students, and general readers. First rate editing, design, production, marketing, and sales distribution support The MIT Press's ability to acquire significant new work in each of the focus fields.

"The MIT Press is very pleased to launch MIT Press Scholarship Online in collaboration with Oxford University Press.  We believe MITPSO will be a powerful showcase for our titles.  As an early adopter of an XML-first workflow, we are especially attuned to the discovery benefits of the University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) platform."
Ellen Faran, Director

The MIT Press Scholarship Online (MITSO) collection includes hundreds of titles in areas such as biology, computer and information science, economics, finance, environmental science, history, linguistics, math, neuroscience, philosophy, political science, psychology, media studies, and technology & society. MITSO is available through the University Press Scholarship Online platform. Find out more about UPSO, and read our FAQs for troubleshooting guidance on how to use the site.

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